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Why You Should Visit a Massage Therapist Today

posted by Custom Craftworks on July 06, 2016

image2.jpgMany people believe that everyday aches and pains are just part of life. 

You work hard, and your body hurts. You deal with stress, and your muscles tighten. Your body ages, and you feel it a little more every day. Did you know it does not have to be that way? When you work regularly with an experienced, trained Massage Therapist, your body can feel better every day, and bounce back more quickly from injuries or other sources of pain you endure. Your therapist can help you take care of yourself so you are ready to face what the day and the week might bring

1. Help With Chronic Pain

Muscle and joint pain happen to almost everyone at some point in their lives. But you do not have to just accept and endure. These aches and pains do not just occur overnight; they result from wear and tear that we put on ourselves over months and even years of our lives.

Muscles stiffen and become more brittle; cartilage and tendons similarly wear down and hurt more over time. And if you just let them go without doing something to take care of yourself, they will only get worse. A good massage therapist can help you head off some of these problems. By working into the muscles, massage therapy loosens the muscle fibers and stimulates blood flow. When you receive regular treatment, this helps undo some of the atrophy and deterioration that causes your chronic pain, leaving you more flexible, more supple, and more comfortable in your day to day grind.
2. Higher Energy Levels

The benefits of massage therapy treatment do not stop with less pain. Have you ever wished you had more energy to do what you need to do? Low energy comes from a combination of physical and emotional constraints. When it hits, though, it can wreak havoc in your life. You lose motivation and you fall behind, which in turn adds stress and creates a vicious cycle from which it can seem impossible to emerge.

Your massage therapist can help you break free. The process of massage helps loosen up the tightness that serves as a physical manifestation of your stress. It also improves your circulation and your breathing, allowing you to relax better both physically and mentally. As you let go of some of the strain you have endured, your energy will pick up, helping you attack your day with new vigor.

3. Better Immune Health

If you have felt sick more often than feels right, it may be that your immune system isn’t working as efficiently as it should. This comes sometimes through stress, sometimes through clogged pores or lymph nodes, and sometimes just through lack of sleep. The body is not meant to go through everything we tend to put it through, and the immune system suffers as a result.

You get colds, headaches, and other health concerns that may seem minor, but quickly start to affect your work and home performance of duties, and get in the way of enjoyment of your life. When you receive massage therapy, you invigorate your body in multiple ways. One of the reasons you should always drink plenty of water before your treatment is because your massage therapist helps clear your system to flush out toxins and unhealthy chemicals. Your body relaxes and opens, and starts to respond better and more effectively to viruses and environmental triggers. You will be better prepared to stay healthy over time, and strong enough to do all of the things you need to do.

4. Recover Faster

Beyond the problem of getting sick or feeling sore, often people have trouble responding and healing when these things do happen. As we wear ourselves down, we cannot recover from illness or injury nearly as quickly as we should. This happens because, even before we realize something is wrong, the incremental damage we do to our systems slows down our bodies’response abilities. You fight harder to get better, and it takes more time and energy than we want to expend.

There is no reason it has to be this way! When you visit a massage therapist regularly, you will receive holistic help. Your entire body will benefit from the treatment, not only feeling better,but healing the micro injuries that create these difficulties in everyday functionality. It takes time to fully heal, of course, but you will discover that you feel better and recover more quickly from various maladies as you undergo treatment. It will help you feel better on a day to day basis, and fend off the problems that are holding you back now.

5. Take a Break!

Sometimes what you need more than anything isn’t just physical relief, but a break from the routine of work, home life, or both. Stress buildup is part of this, but a break before you get to that frenetic point can provide tremendous preventative benefits. You do so many things for other people in your life, and that is wonderful. But you need to take some time out to do something for yourself. It helps you relax and mentally recover from everything else, and then frees you up to be a better version of yourself going forward.

Your massage therapist understands this, and works hard to help you find a moment that you can let go of some of your burdens. You can talk about your day or remain silent through your therapy session. You can receive calming aromatherapy or just a clean scent in the room. The treatment caters to your needs and focuses on what you want. For an hour or two, you can do exactly what you want before returning to the world refreshed and renewed. 

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