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We Asked, You Shared Your Custom Craftworks Story!

posted by Custom Craftworks on November 02, 2016

Here at Custom Craftworks, we have had the best customers for the past 30 years. During the month of October, we decided to thank our customers by offering amazing deals and drawings. With our anniversary sale featuring 30 products for 30 days, up to 30% off, and our #ShareYourStory campaign, we got to hear from our Custom Craftworks customers all over the world!

We heard some amazing stories from all walks of life and how Custom Craftworks has helped them become the manual therapist they are today. For the past 30 years, we have apppointed our success to our strong, solid and comfortable tables that have been meeting all of the ergonomic and comfort needs of therapists and clients alike. 

Thanks to some of our many Custom Craftworks customers, we chose a few of the submitted stories to share with you!

A car accident connected me with massage for the first time...

20161031_103252.jpg"A car accident in 1999 connected me with massage for the first time. Within 3 months after the accident, I had quit my job and enrolled in massage school, knowing innately this is where I needed to be. 
I was working part time, going to school part time, and a single parent of 3 boys full time, so money was very tight. 
I pulled together every bit of extra money to purchase my first Custom Craftworks table. I had it customized with extra padding and extra width, and took advantage of my student discount. 
I have packed and loaded my table into my car countless times since I purchased it. My table has treated many people. It has heard countless emotional stories. It's helped me raise my children. It has helped me afford a good living, and with my Custom Craftworks table, I have a career that I can call amazing! 
I'm on my second Custom Craftworks travel table, and I've never purchased another brand. I hope that when I physically need a change to my career, my work will continue by educating. Hopefully I can show new students the benefit of quality equipment, and how it can make their career smoother!" 
- Suzette, Florida

My Custom Craftworks table has crossed the world with me...

"I live in Paris, France, where I grew up. For many years, however, I lived in Los Angeles, and it was at the Massage School of Santa Monica that I discovered my love for massage therapy, a passion that has been my life’s work for nearly three decades. Evy-Jester_with-Athena-table-in-Paris-today.jpg
When I moved back to France with my American husband, it was out of the question that I leave my old table behind. So I lugged my Custom Craftworks table—probably one of the company’s first—with me to France. In those days massage tables here were pretty basic, and my clients were very impressed with my comfortable American table
In 1998 I realized that I needed another table and I didn’t hesitate for a second that I would get another Custom Craftworks table. After consulting with the friendly
folks in Oregon, I ordered another Custom Craftworks table, this one a gorgeous ivory color. 
I’ll never forget the day my Athena table arrived in Paris. I could hardly believe my eyes. Underneath the superbly constructed table, on the “upholstered/assembled by” label and next to the date of March 10, 1998, was a drawing of a soccer ball with “Vive la France” written above and “World Cup ‘98” below! Whoever had built my table was clearly a soccer fan and knew where the table was headed. France would go on that summer to win the World Cup.
Now, I don’t know if Custom Craftworks helped the French beat Brazil that day, but I do know that my Athena table, after literally thousands of massages and nearly 20 years down the line, is still going strong! That’s what I call quality craftsmanship. If my soccer fan is still working at Custom Craftworks, merci beaucoup. You can be proud of your work. I wouldn’t change brands for anything in the world. 
Vive la France. Vive l’Amérique. And Vive Custom Craftworks! " - Evy, Paris, France

I helped my sick mother with massage... 

"My parents divorced when I was 5, so growing up it was just my mom and I. She worked a full-time job while going to college full-time, but she never missed one of my choir concerts, band concerts, plays, or games I was cheering at. She was my biggest supporter. When she was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer, a massage therapist was the only person who could help manage her pain.IMG_0796.jpg I went with her twice a week to her appointments 30 miles away, until the therapist told her he would teach me so I could help her at home and save us some money. I was 15, and my passion for
bodywork was born. 
I started massage school in August of 2001, fresh out of high school and eager to follow my dream. We didn't have much money, but my mom had secretly saved up for 3 years to buy me the best massage table she could afford. Together, we chose my Custom Craftworks Athena table, and chose the additions- we wanted so it would be the perfect table. She passed away before it arrived, but it was the last (and best) thing she ever bought me. 
15 years later, it is still my perfect table. Each one of my thousands of clients who have found some comfort on my table have reminded me of the love and support I had in my mother, and helping them helps me to remember why I do what I do. Like the massage therapist who helped her find comfort, I strive to help others find comfort, as well."- Rozi, Montana

These are just some of many stories we received, but they are all similar in that Custom Craftworks has helped each therapist start, grow and thrive as a massage therapist. We are thankful for each and every loyal customer we have had for the past 30 years. Cheers to another 30 years of Custom Craftworks!


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