Gain a competitive edge with sports massage

posted by Custom Craftworks on September 03, 2020


Sports Massage + Professional Athletes

posted by Custom Craftworks on June 25, 2018

For most of us, massage is the ultimate therapeutic treat that we indulge in once a month or so; to a professional athlete, massage therapy is an everyday and on-the-field essential.

Massage Not Just For Vacation

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Massage Therapy - What you Knead to Know

Many people associate massage with vacations or spas and consider them something of a luxury. But research is beginning to suggest this ancient form of hands-on healing may be more than an indulgence—may help improve your health.

This article was written by NIH News in Health and was originally published in the July 2012 HIH News in Health Newsletter The original article can be found here.

A Look at Sports Massage Therapy

posted by Steve Jurch, A.T.C., L.M.T on August 25, 2016

The field of sports massage therapy is a very popular specialization within our profession; however, massage therapists are often challenged when it comes to defining it. When a therapist advertises that she is a sports massage therapist, does she really understand what that means?

This article will cover some of the challenges and rewards of working as a sports massage therapist, and provide an overview of massage therapy applicable to sports massage therapy in the areas of event preparation, prevention and maintenance, injury treatment, and recovery.