Work Smarter, Not Harder

posted by Custom Craftworks on February 04, 2020

Curated from the 2013 AMTA presentation by Edward Mohr on Reducing Injury and Increasing Output With Proper Body Mechanics. Read the entire article here.

Massage Therapists need self-care, too

posted by Custom Craftworks on December 13, 2017

Like any profession, there’s always physical and mental stresses that go along with the job. As a massage therapist you too will find that some days you are stressed out, not feeling well, or physically exhausted. It’s very important to take care of yourself in order to be productive at work and in life.

Self-Care of Trigger Points and Referral Patterns

posted by Custom Craftworks on April 26, 2016

Self-care for massage therapists is essential, for our health, happiness and career longevity. If we don’t have time to book a massage, self-care is the best way to ensure healthy, pain-free, strong muscles and fascial systems—and even a small amount of self-care can help keep our muscles in great shape.