Prenatal & Breast Recess Options for Expecting Clients

posted by Custom Craftworks on October 19, 2018

Massage for expecting mothers can be a great way to expand your services with the correct training, certifications and equipment. We understand the importance of client safety and comfort and created a reliable and supportive solution for pregnant massage clients. After extensive research and development with nurse-midwives, massage therapists and engineers, we developed an innovative prenatal and breast recess massage table option that has been available since 2000.

Pregnancy Massage: Provide Relief for Clients With Varicose Veins

posted by Custom Craftworks on March 01, 2017

A beautiful glow is what you expect when you're pregnant. Varicose veins? Not so much. These knotty blue veins can pop up during the second trimester and are not only unattractive but uncomfortable. However, massage can do a lot to make you more comfortable and lessen the veins' appearance. Phyllis Hanlon explains in this recent article from Massage Magazine.