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Table Talk: Electric Massage Tables

posted by Custom Craftworks on October 19, 2018

After assessing your massage table needs from the first blog in this series and weighing the different table options, you might decide that an electric table is right for you. There are many advantages to treating clients on an electric massage table.

Hands free-amethyst E100_Deluxe AM-majesticlifeback elegance-basic-7x5

• Patient Comfort

• Easy to Use

• Therapist & Patient Convenience

• Whisper Quiet Lift System

• Sleek, Modern Design

• Durable Construction


SigSeries-HandsFree-Deluxe-ArmrestsElectric Massage tables lower for patients to safely and easily get on the table. The electric lift system allows you to bring the patient to the height that is comfortable for you to begin your treatment/service and can be adjusted throughout the appointment. Our lift back and deluxe electric massage tables have more adjustment offerings to keep your patients in comfortable positions throughout their appointment. Other comfort features include our 3" foam system and options to add and remove dual action face and arm rests.



hands-free-up-5x7All of our electric massage tables have easy to operate lift systems. With the push of a foot pedal, foot bar or hand controller, you can easily raise or lower your table to the desired height without exerting all your energy to do so. Some of our electric tables feature manual cushion adjustments that use a simple lever system and some of our Signature Spa Series electric tables have electric controls for back and leg cushion sections.




With a Custom Craftworks electric massage table, you can change the height of your table while your client is still on the table, keeping them relaxed at all times. Our Electric tables with a built-in foot bar control allows therapists to control the height of the table with their foot on either side of the table.


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All of our electric massage tables feature a whisper quiet lift system. This system is put in place to keep patients from becoming disturbed or distracted during their session/appointment. This lift system is also very smooth and fluid to avoid jerky motions that could interupt your service.



SigSeries-HandsFree-BaseThe majority of our electric massage tables are constructed with durable precision cut steel. This allows for a lifetime of wear and tear and a stable base to prevent rocking. We have 4 Signature Spa Series electric tables that are constructed with wood to accommodate for the look of some high-end spas and also to include cabinet space underneath the table top. The sturdy wood constructed tables include adjustable feet to enforce stability.



Besides being functional and durable, our electric massage tables are designed to compliment any massage setting. The contemporary designs can be paired with a variety of sheet sets to match the feel of your space.

majesticDeluxe HandsFree_LB20189 M100_Deluxe elegance-deluxe-7x5


Whether you choose our basic, lift back, deluxe or hands free style electric massage table, you will have all of the special features our electric massage tables have to offer.  


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