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Hospital Massage: Quick Q&A

posted by Custom Craftworks on April 03, 2018

Massage therapy in hospital settings continues to grow. The skilled touch by a professionally trained massage therapist helps promote the healing process and improves wellness. Koni Sims, CLMT, CSMT, CLT answers some common questions about hospital massage therapy and how to succeed.

Q: What kind of table (stationary, electric, portable) works best for hospital massage? Why?A: Electric works best. Massage therapists will work with so many clients and some aren't able to move as well as others. Electric tables allow the practitioner to lower it all the way for easy access. It's also nice to move the table as needed when performing certain techniques.

Q: Is there an ideal room setup for hospital massage?
A: A larger room is ideal so therapists and clients can move around easily. This is especially important if a patient requires a wheelchair or walker to get around, they take up a lot of space! 
Ideally, a room set up for massage therapy in a hospital would have its own thermostat so it's easier to keep it comfortable. If possible, a sink right in the room is nice for hand washing and removal of oils and lotions.
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For additional features of comfort, add candles, a lamp, and a nice loveseat or chair. Even though it's in a hospital you can make it feel warm and welcoming. 
Q: Does massage therapy in a hospital setting require any additional equipment?
A: To effectively perform massage therapy in a hospital setting, there isn't anything unusual needed. However, there are things I have and think are helpful, for example, an electric warmer pad, extra bolsters, massage chair, towels and a towel warmer. If there are certain accessories you like to have, the more the merrier!

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