Standing Safe

posted by Custom Craftworks on December 10, 2019

The human body is designed to move. Unfortunately, in today's workplace environment most people have either sedentary jobs, or jobs that require long hours of continuous standing. Office jobs that require sitting at a desk for eight or more hours per day is generally considered unhealthy. Although standing can be a healthier alternative to continuous sitting, prolonged standing can place excess strain on the back, legs and feet. This blog will discuss the benefits of using anti-fatigue mats to lessen the strain.

A Custom Moment with Worker B Wellness

posted by Custom Craftworks on December 10, 2019

Rachel Romanelli, owner of Worker B Wellness in St. Paul, Minnesota elaborates on why she has used Custom Craftworks tables and equipment since she began as a massage therapist in 1995.

Why You Need FMST Tools in Your Massage Toolbox

posted by Dr. Jerad Bludorn on November 19, 2019

Finding the right tools and instruments for your practice is important. For massage therapists, Fluid Motion Soft Tissue tools make sense because they have been thoughtfully designed to perform effectively and efficiently saving you and your clients valuable time.

Which Comes First: Quality vs. Price?

posted by Custom Craftworks on November 15, 2019

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“Price has no meaning without a measure of the quality being purchased.”

~W. Edwards Deming

Price is often used as a gauge to help judge quality. Chances are, a very inexpensive massage table is also a low-quality massage table. It may offer fewer features and be constructed from cheaper materials. An expensive massage table is generally assumed to be a high-quality massage table with many features and solid construction.

Which Comes First: Quality or Price?

Factors such as product features, specifications, construction and longevity of use and intangibles such as customer service, warranty, and availability of replacement parts are also valid considerations to ensure the customer receives the best value for the money spent. Custom Craftworks is customer driven striving to deliver unmatched value to our customers in products, service and performance.

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An Industry Leader Since 1986

Custom Craftworks
strives to manufacture high quality products created with a thoughtful design with massage therapists in mind and crafted with skilled workmanship and quality materials. With a long standing reputation of building quality-constructed, long-lasting massage products, Custom Craftworks has been crafting high quality massage tables since 1986. Pivotal Health Solutions acquired the company in 2009, and has proven to be one of the top brands for massage and spa equipment in the industry.  

image via Custom Craftworks

We Let Our Tables Do the Talking

Although everyone talks about quality, Custom Craftworks delivers it. Thoughtfully created, our engineers design our products with input from industry experts and professionals so each product meets the ergonomic needs of therapists and comfort requirements of clients. Our skilled craftsmen and women build our products from materials constructed to withstand the conditions that massage therapists and treatment techniques require. Our products are continually being updated to adapt to changing needs and to better serve the massage community. We are customer driven in all that we we do and strive daily to enhance and improve their experience with us.

High Quality Materials Equal Satisfaction and Longevity

Athena portable massage table is our flagship table, and we've been getting it right for over 25 years. More therapists choose the Athena Portable Table than any other for a reason. Built in the USA from premium materials including North American hard rock maple, American poplar birch and an aircraft-quality cable system, the Athena's unmatched craftsmanship is fully customizable table with a professional design leading to many years of satisfied therapists and customers. 


Classic Series Athena Portable Table

"My name is Evy Jester and I live in Paris, France, where I grew up. For many years, however, I lived in Los Angeles, and it was at the Massage School of Santa Monica that I discovered my love for massage therapy, a passion that has been my life’s work for nearly three decades. When I moved back to France with my American husband, it was out of the question that I leave my old table behind. So I lugged my Custom Craftworks table—probably one of the company’s first—with me to France. My Athena table, after literally thousands of massages and nearly 20 years down the line, is still going strong! That’s what I call quality craftsmanship. I wouldn’t change brands for anything in the world. Vive la France. Vive l’Amérique. And Vive Custom Craftworks!"  Evy Jester, Paris, France

Innovation and Design

Our Signature Spa Series Hands Free Electric Tables lead the way in product innovation featuring dual foot bar control bars allowing therapists to move freely around the table for a more fluid client experience. 


Signature Spa Series Hands Free Deluxe Electric Table

"This table can be lowered and it can be raised - so if I push down on it, it goes up. I can access that bar from anywhere around the table. I don't have to be in a specific location to do that. This table is great - it can lower all the way down, so accessibility from a wheelchair is a real plus for people who can't get on it from a certain height. I can match the height that they need." 

Cindy Koppatschek, LMT Cindy's Therapeutic Massage, South Dakota


The Price Can Be Right

Price is often the focal point of closing deals. Unfortunately, in the vast majority of cases, pricing is used in total isolation from any other criteria, especially quality in the final decision.

A relevant question to ask decision makers is: if they were buying the product with their own money would they choose the same? Probably not. In fact, when we refer to our everyday lives, we never forget the relationship between quality and price.

Low price is costly for both clients and vendors because low quality means rework and, as a result, higher overall cost. Wasted time = wasted money. A high quality table created with expert craftsmanship that stands the test of time is worth a little more on the price tag.

 In the end, consider both quality and value along with price when making a choice. 

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ADA Compliance: Massage Therapy Information

posted by Custom Craftworks on November 14, 2019

In 1990, The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) came into law. The ADA is a civil rights law prohibiting discrimination against individuals with disabilities in all areas open to the general public, including jobs, schools, transportation and public and private places.1

Show Your Tables Some Love

posted by Custom Craftworks on September 13, 2019

First impressions matter. Clients pay attention to details, and upon first glance they will notice if your upholstery looks clean and well cared for, or if it appears tattered and stained and in disrepair.

Relieving Headaches with Massage Therapy

posted by Custom Craftworks on July 03, 2019

This blog was curated from the article, “Massage and Headache Relief” published by The Massage Therapy Journal on April 24, 2018. The original article can be found here.

Is a Stationary Massage Table Right for You?

posted by Custom Craftworks on May 28, 2019

Custom Craftworks offers three main types of massage tables: portable, electric and stationary. They may seem self-explanatory, but there are many important factors for each type of table that you need to consider before choosing which one is right for you and your style of business. In this blog, we explore stationary tables and the benefits they offer.

Massage can help relieve allergy symptoms

posted by Custom Craftworks on May 07, 2019

Massage is the ideal complementary therapy for symptoms of allergies. Many people suffer from some form of allergies, and massage therapy is a good way to alleviate your clients' symptoms, and their body benefits in other ways, too!

Fluid Motion Soft Tissue Tools For Your Massage Practice

posted by Custom Craftworks on April 25, 2019

Our FMST (Fluid Motion Soft Tissue) Tools are used to effectively and gently manipulate tissue over all surfaces of the body, reduce scarring, control pain and improve joint and muscle flexibility. They were thoughtfully designed to be efficient and effective at the same time. Here are a few of the top features: