Choosing the best face rest

posted by Custom Craftworks on April 18, 2018
Custom Craftworks offers numerous massage therapy accessories to help each practitioner extend his or her technique and upgrade the customer experience. Our face rests are no exception. We offer many face rests that are compatible with many of our tables. What Custom Craftworks face rest is best for you?  

Hospital Massage: Quick Q&A

posted by Custom Craftworks on April 03, 2018

Massage therapy in hospital settings continues to grow. The skilled touch by a professionally trained massage therapist helps promote the healing process and improves wellness. Koni Sims, CLMT, CSMT, CLT answers some common questions about hospital massage therapy and how to succeed.

Massage can help relieve allergy symptoms

posted by Custom Craftworks on March 16, 2018

Massage is the ideal complementary therapy for symptoms of allergies. Many people suffer from some form of allergies, and massage therapy is a good way to alleviate your clients' symptoms, and their body benefits in other ways, too!

Strengthen and recover: Benefits of post-workout massage

posted by Custom Craftworks on March 14, 2018

There is a reason why more and more gyms are including massage rooms on their premises. Exercise and massage go hand in hand, with top athletes singing the praises of massage. Here is why massage is important when you are exercising regularly and the benefits of a post-workout massage

It's Real: Starting Your Own Business

posted by Custom Craftworks on February 28, 2018

No matter where you work, it's likely that you've dreamed at least once or twice (or maybe a few million times!) about being your own boss—and it's no different in massage therapy

Get new clients with on-site massage marketing

posted by Custom Craftworks on February 12, 2018

Getting people to try something new can be a challenge; so, what do you do when you want to convince potential clients to give your work a try? There are many ways to successfully reach probable clients. A popular strategy has been giving people samples. Try the following tips to reach people with brief, inexpensive samples of your work- massage!

Starting a mobile massage practice? Follow these best practices

posted by Custom Craftworks on January 26, 2018

Taking your massage practice on the road is certainly a good way to expand your service offerings and find potential clients. It can seem overwhelming thinking about how to set up an efficient, profitable mobile or chair massage business and how best to pack everything up and take it with you. Once you’re armed with information and products and you’ve gotten a few events under your belt, you’ll soon be a pro at onsite massage. This blog touches on some of the best practices for setting up a mobile massage business.

The many effects of hot stone massage

posted by Custom Craftworks on January 16, 2018

In general, massage therapy has many, many benefits. With many kinds of massage, certain types benefit the body in different ways. Hot stone massages are known to be beneficial on both physical and psychological levels.

Your New Year's Resolution: Create a New Marketing Plan

posted by Custom Craftworks on January 11, 2018

Whether you're trying to lose weight, cut back on sweets or reduce your spending, it's common for most New Year's resolutions focus on giving up something. For this New Year's resolution, make it one you can indulge in: create a marketing plan for your practice. Deanna Sylvester with Sohnen-Moe Associates, Inc. offers this road map to get your new year in your business started off in the right direction! 

Benefit from massage therapy during the winter months

posted by Custom Craftworks on December 29, 2017

Winter: the days are shorter, the weather is gloomier, and it’s cold. It shouldn't come as a surprise that many people may suffer from "winter blues," however, there’s an easy way to tackle the sluggish feelings and laziness that come on as the days get cooler. Having regular massages is a great way to feel happier and healthier during the winter months, and can be a great way to motivate yourself or your clients to continue taking healthy measures in other areas of life.